Slow PC?

In this post we will look your Slow PC and at why PC’s slow down as time goes by. We will look at some basic methods to speed it up a little, also ways to prevent it from ruining the experience.

Why do PC’s slow down?

One of the main reasons our PC’s slow down over time is that we customise them to work for us. We install programs that help with productivity. We install programs to check and clean viruses, we have programs to monitor for open ports and intrusion.

With a lot of programs we install, it sets itself to start when Windows starts. Now imagine you’ve been using your PC for a year and you have it set up the way you like it. You have your favourite anti virus and firewall program installed, you have something like Adobe Reader for those .PDF files. To keep in touch with your family and friends overseas, you have Skype installed.

The list is long, the software that gets loaded every single time your PC starts up is very different to the first time you started it up. All these changes have an affect on your system performance.

Free Memory and help your Slow PC

Every single program that you install that adds itself to the Windows startup, every single one takes up memory when loaded. For the purpose of this post we will focus on the startup programs. If your system tray (bottom right) has loads of icons, you have loads of programs that start when Windows starts up. Not all these startup programs are safe to remove, so if you’d like to take it a bit further than what we’ll be doing here, please go do research before removing any programs from your startup.

The simplest, safest way to remove the program from startup is to have a look the programs you’d like to remove. Let’s take a Dropbox for example. Click on the Dropbox icon in your SysTray, this brings up a popup screen. Top right you should see something that looks like a gear. This will take you to the Dropbox Preferences screen. Right there you will see a tick box “Start Dropbox on system startup”. Un-tick that and it won’t load every time you start Windows.

You can go to all the programs that start with Windows that you remember installing. Remove them one by one and test. Most programs would have this setting in their Preferences, Settings or similar. Just have a look for Windows Startup and make sure that it’s set not to load when Windows starts. This is the simplest and safest way of disabling programs.

Taking it a step further

Taking this a step further involves a bit more delving to see what get’s loaded. The more you delve into the working of the system, the more chance you have of breaking something. The deeper you delved to find the program you located to unload, the harder it will be to fix. There is a lot of tools that makes these tasks easier, but without understanding the inner working of the operating system, it’s risky to go play with them.

If you would like to find out more about getting your SLOW PC to respond a bit quicker and load a bit faster. Don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance. We can come optimise your Slow PC to work better and maybe even help save a few minutes a day.

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