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The aim of this article is a brief introduction to online security. Why you need to think of it. How your online security affects you. What you can do to protect yourself.

Why think of Online Security?

Online Security BankingLots of people don’t think about their online security at all. Possibly thinking why they would be targets. Why anyone would want their information? Well if that was the only reason people break into their computers that would be one thing, but it’s not. What about spyware and the funny things that boot up when your PC starts?  How about loosing all your treasured photos of friends and family, photos of people you will never ever see again? Work documents you spent hours preparing? Does loosing all your company data to a virus sound scary? Well it shouldn’t because you have an up to date backup of all your data, right? Off course you have, we just mentioned it because of that one person we all know.

How your Online Security affects you.

Even in the simpler forms of online security threats like, silly malware or the run of the mill pests you find daily on all sorts of sites. You are at best wasting time waiting for your computer to respond to mouse clicks. It takes ages for your browser to open, or your email client to start properly. These hiccups are sometimes caused by unwanted apps running in the background, apps you probably got with that nice new flashy multimedia player you downloaded, or nice demo release from an unknown website. Apps get installed when you don’t deselect certain options in some free programs.

Worst case scenario……., well let just say with a keylogger in place logging keystrokes while you do you online banking or wherever it is that is important to you.

What can you do to protect yourself?

You have a lot of good options available to you, options to deal with most your online security needs. From a simple stand alone virus program, all the to total network security.

For the purpose of this article we will focus mainly on private use, as well as small to medium size office use.

online security computer virusAs a private individual you have loads of options available to make your online experience a more enjoyable one. The very least would be to download a free anti virus program, one that will allow you to update the virus database regularly  and scan for viruses. This is the very least you should consider, if you don’t save any data locally or only use the PC for browsing. For anything more something like a internet security suite should be considered essential. This internet security suite should include spyware protection, anti virus a firewall and more. This will make your experience a lot more secure, especially when you do online shopping or banking. You should also ensure that you always have the latest updates installed to enjoy maximum protection.

When considering online security for your small to medium size business, you will have the same protection as in the private scenario, with the added benefit of business class features. These features include things like localised update storage and other network features. You could also invest in more network focused security and dedicated network security devices.

All things considered, online security should something you think about if you don’t have a good solution in place. If you need any assistance with your online security, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will gladly advise you.

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