IT Shutdown for the holiday

Some businesses close over December for the holidays. With this holiday break comes worries about your office. Your data that will be left behind unattended, what to do about it. What is the simplest way to ensure you will be coming back to a working network,  servers and workstations? What is the simplest, safest shutdown method?

IT shutdown for the HolidayIn this post we will just provide a quick simple solution to enable you to relax knowing you did it right. First we have to clearly state that this is not the way to protect you data and equipment from theft or disasters. The idea of this post is to help protect your data and also try and make sure your equipment won’t get damaged while you’re on holiday.

Power Off and Plug Out

In our opinion the simplest solutions are the ones that is easy to do. Nothing technical and easy to follow. For the IT shutdown for the holiday, if you have a network with workstations, servers, etc, first thing to consider is whether you or staff would need access to the data online. If not, the best way would be to simply unplug all your equipment from the power source. This will ensure you don’t come back to equipment that’s been damaged by lightning. A very common  problem we deal with early January when our clients start working again in the New Year.

When the power is switched back on after power failures, it’s not unheard of to get huge spikes in power. This could easily fry your equipment, it’s reasonably common. So the best thing to do is physically remove the power plug from the wall on ALL your equipment. This will ensure that you will not be affected by issues relating to power.

Data backup

Protecting you data could potentially help you make your disaster recovery a simple restore, instead of total loss. Data isn’t something you can just get back once lost, so keep that in mind. For the IT shutdown for the holiday, you would do well to make a complete backup of your data. The best would be an off site backup and also maybe a duplicate of the backup stored at a different location. To make the backup simple, just copy all your data to an external drive (or two) and keep it in a safe place, away from the office. Make a duplicate of the backup and give it to a trusted employee for safe keeping.

With so many online backup options available, one could always just go that route. With online backups it’s always available and one can be reasonably sure that your data will be there when you need it. The companies that offer online storage services usually have great backup strategies and chances of you loosing your data is slim. So this is definitely a good option to look at if you don’t want physical copies of your data backups

These are very simple ways to ensure you kick the New Year off where you left the year before. Starting a year trying to catch up on lost data and equipment is far from ideal. So if you want your IT shutdown for the holiday to be relaxed and reasonably reliable. Try our simple solution to the IT shutdown for the holiday.

Simple start for the New Year

When returning in the New Year just follow these simple start-up procedures.

  1. Plug all equipment back into the wall power sockets
  2. Start with the network equipment first, switch on and wait till it’s running, then go to the following step.
  3. Switch on the servers and wait till booted up and running.
  4. Switch on all network printers and other network attached equipment.
  5. When all equipment is booted up and working, start the PC’s and Laptops and make sure you are able to browse the network and receive emails.

If all went well, you should be up and running like you were at the end of the previous year. If for some reason you are having problems, first option would be to start the start-up process again. When you have done this again and still no joy, you are welcome to contact us to try and assist.

We hope you have a great holiday and come back rested and excited to start the New Year.

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