Choosing domain name

 Choosing the right domain name is a very important decision, it needs to be carefully thought out.

We’ll try and give you a better idea of what we mean by a carefully thought out domain name.

First of all, we need to establish if this will be a private/personal domain name or a business domain name. So let’s start with a personal domain and clarify why it is important to choose your domain name carefully before registering a domain.

Personal Domain Name

If it’s a personal domain, you have to think if you’re going to need this domain name to be optimised for search engines. If you need to register a domain for personal use, will it be a simple surname like example is what we would call a SEO unfriendly name. In most cases a personal domain won’t be required to be search engine friendly and wouldn’t need any real consideration when it’s not for generating income or needs to be found by new visitors. A good example of a personal domain would be the example of the smith domain name. It will serve the Smith family well, they will be able to use it to keep their Smith family updated on what’s happening in their family lives, they’ll be able to setup emails for their whole family with their domain and maybe and they would live happily ever after mailing the whole family.

Business Domain Name

Business domain names needs a bit more consideration. Choosing a domain for The XYZ Co. won’t be as simple as registering and that’s it. No, here we have to think like a client or someone searching for your product or service. When we register the example name, will anyone know what industry they’re in? Will they have an idea of services or products offered? For that reason we recommend you think about your domain name for a bit. Think of your company and what your company offers it’s customers. Try thinking what your customers will be searching for. Imagine the keywords they’d use to look for your product or service. In other words, if you’re a plumber, would you use the domain or would you rather try and get instead? Or if you sell ice to Eskimos, would you rather use or

When choosing a domain for your business, it really helps your company’s (SEO) Search Engine Optimisation score a lot if your domain is something to do with the kind of business you’re in.

These are just the basic ideas about choosing the right domain for your new website. It takes careful consideration and thought to register the right name. Done right, your reward is more visitors. Isn’t that after all the main idea behind a business website?

We’ll be writing about this topic again and cover some more points that needs consideration when choosing your domain name.

If you need advice regarding the right domain name choice, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us with your questions.

PS. All domains used as samples to convey the message. Any connection to real domains are coincidental.

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