Computer Support Pretoria

Click This IT Solutions specialises in computer support on most makes of computers and laptops/notebooks. We do software support on Windows and most of Microsoft software as well as basic support on Linux. From a simple printer installation or Computer Support Pretoria, Hardware and Software image one.memory upgrade to a complete reload or major spyware / virus removal. With over 20 years’ experience fixing computers and laptops, chances are good that we’ve seen your computer support problem before.

Click This can assist with your computer support needs and has been doing computer support since the early 90’s. Our Windows support experience started with Windows 3.1 and Server 3.5 which still ran on Microsoft DOS 6. Things have changed a lot since those days. Computer support has also changed and so has the way we do business with our computers.

Why you need Computer support

Mobile with our Computers (laptops mainly)

We’re more mobile today and we don’t want to be confined to the office. Computer Support Pretoria, Laptop, Notebook, Anti Virus, Spyware image one.Today we take our laptop computers outside and connect to public Wi-Fi Hotspots. Places where our laptop computers can be accessed by unwanted apps and cyber criminals. Today we need protection from thing we couldn’t even imagine 20 years ago. We do our banking online, we chat with friends and family 1000’s of kilometres away with Video Calls on Skype. We share our documents across the internet as if they are on the local drives and access our home PC’s information from another continent.

Security issues and Computers

Things have changed a lot and our computer support needs have changed as well. Today we are able to log into your computer from next door or the other side of the world. We make changes, fix simple problems and set up programs. With all the services we use online nowadays, our computers are more exposed to unwanted elements and we need protection from it.Security has become a problem, it’s no longer safe to use only an Anti-Virus Program. We need total security and all sorts of protection to do our daily online tasks. We do our banking online, as well as make credit card payments.

Simple basics

There are some basics that once done can make your computer run at its optimal level for years without too much issues. Simple things that don’t have to cost you money, simple things that once you understand the concept, makes sense and is easy to implement and keep your personal/business data safer from hackers and other unwanted threats.

We can repair your Computer / Laptop

Contact Us – Click This IT Solutions to arrange for a consultation or an assessment to see if you really need new a computer. Maybe a simple computer optimisation or an upgrade will work perfectly well.

We understand that running a business is hard work and takes a lot of time and effort. Which is why we think you should leave your computer support needs to Click This IT Solutions. This leaves your time for the more important things in business, things like running the business.