Slow PC? In this post we will look your Slow PC and at why PC’s slow down as time goes by. We will look at some basic methods to speed it up a little, also ways to prevent it from ruining the experience. Why do PC’s slow down? One of the main reasons our PC’s slow down over time is that we customise them to work for us. We install programs that help with productivity. We install programs to check and clean viruses, we have programs to monitor for open ports and intrusion. With a lot of programs we install, […]

ADSL Speeds in South Africa (vs what your bill’s paying) Checking your ADSL speed test and checking your ADSL account, is something you should do every now and then. That is if you would like to possibly save some money. In the past we found some of our clients are paying too much for their ADSL services. We will take you through the basic steps to make sure you get what you pay for when it comes to your ADSL service. So if you’re interested to see where you could possibly save a few Rand in the process. We will show […]

IT Shutdown for the holiday Some businesses close over December for the holidays. With this holiday break comes worries about your office. Your data that will be left behind unattended, what to do about it. What is the simplest way to ensure you will be coming back to a working network,  servers and workstations? What is the simplest, safest shutdown method? In this post we will just provide a quick simple solution to enable you to relax knowing you did it right. First we have to clearly state that this is not the way to protect you data and equipment from […]

Backup data You’ve heard that you should backup data, but what is the simplest way of doing it? Where do you store your data? How do you make backups of your data? We will give you a quick background of what backup entail and obvious reasons why you’d want a backup of your data. Why backup data? Well the main reason for backing up your data would surely be to retrieve data once it is no longer available due to some unforeseen circumstance. These can range from virus infections to theft of physical hard drive. No matter how it happens, you […]

Protect your PC Online The aim of this article is a brief introduction to online security. Why you need to think of it. How your online security affects you. What you can do to protect yourself. Why think of Online Security? Lots of people don’t think about their online security at all. Possibly thinking why they would be targets. Why anyone would want their information? Well if that was the only reason people break into their computers that would be one thing, but it’s not. What about spyware and the funny things that boot up when your PC starts?  How about […]

Choosing domain name  Choosing the right domain name is a very important decision, it needs to be carefully thought out. We’ll try and give you a better idea of what we mean by a carefully thought out domain name. First of all, we need to establish if this will be a private/personal domain name or a business domain name. So let’s start with a personal domain and clarify why it is important to choose your domain name carefully before registering a domain. Personal Domain Name If it’s a personal domain, you have to think if you’re going to need this […]