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Backup data - IT Support Pretoria Digital Storage MediaYou’ve heard that you should backup data, but what is the simplest way of doing it? Where do you store your data? How do you make backups of your data? We will give you a quick background of what backup entail and obvious reasons why you’d want a backup of your data.

Why backup data?

Well the main reason for backing up your data would surely be to retrieve data once it is no longer available due to some unforeseen circumstance. These can range from virus infections to theft of physical hard drive. No matter how it happens, you need to be covered or you will have to have your staff working 24/7 to redo ALL the work that got lost. In most cases, not even the  most efficient staff would be able to redo/retrieve all the lost data. Sometimes you have things like  photos that cannot be replaced, no matter how much time and effort you throw at it. In these cases you are going to wish you had a good backup system in place. A system that would allow for any and all possible scenarios. So basically a total disaster recovery.

 What to backup?

When deciding what to data to backup, you have to keep a few things in mind. First, you don’t really want to backup things like your temp directories and things you will never need again. It helps to have a nice system of storing data in something like a data folder. Not have data all over and no idea where everything is. This can make it very hard to keep track of all your data locations. In the end making it hard to include those folders in the backup. The simplest way would be to start with a clear plan of how you are going to be storing data on your local PC or somewhere on a network. If you have more than one user using the disk or allocated folder, give each user their own folder inside the data folder. This will allow for a simple straight forward backup that is very easy to keep control of.

What you don’t want to backup is things like your programs and even the operating system files. This is a nice backup to have, but in all honesty, not the hardest to restore. Maybe not exactly the same as it was, but close enough. A system backup would make the recovery process quicker in a total loss scenario as well, but still not something to loose sleep over. If you are talking about a mission critical system. Totally different story, there you would need a complete backup of all data and system state.

Where to backup your data?Backup Data Media - IT Support Pretoria

Choosing a media type to use for your backups is personal preference. If you have a companies data to protect, your requirements would be very different  to a private individual. Maybe you just want to backup some old photos and a CV, a memory card of some sort could be enough. When you have your companies data, you would want a dedicated backup system in place that will also allow for off site backups. You would also have multiple backup locations to ensure the risk is kept to a minimum. Having two different backups at different locations also helps with redundancy and could just be what you need to survive data loss. Also remember that your data will be as up to date as your last backup, so do it regularly.

Is Online Backup for You?

If you would like to have all your backups available all the time from anywhere, online backups is a great way to go.

Theses days you have multiple options, options that include the big one like Google, Microsoft and Dropbox. If you don’t have a lot of critical data, you could possible get by with q free account. This makes it very simple to sync your backups and can be as simple as doing it to a local drive.

Whichever way you choose, just make sure to use a method. If you don’t like it, you could always switch to a different method or provider. Just get your backups done on a regular basis to avoid getting caught with no backup at all and now data. Not a situation I wish on any person or business.

If you would like to discuss your backup needs, please contact us. We would gladly discuss your needs to get to a working solution to your needs.

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